Soft, smooth, and shiny hair

We take great pride in our signature blowout that is designed to restore or maintain healthy styled hair. Whether it’s a part of your weekly beauty regimen, an occasional indulgence or styling for a special occasion, we are experience and trained to transform your hair. Our International Hair Care Line plays a important role in prepping the hair for incredible shine , movement , volume and smoothness to the ends of the hair …giving longevity to your blowout.

We jump start the hair with Perfect shampoo for all hair types to rid of all coatings or product buildup. Once the hair is thoroughly clean we apply our unique realignment conditioning system to infuse optimum moisture throughout the hair scalp and hair . It gets even better our blowdry styling experts are experienced in utilizing brush control techniques along with customizing our oil free moisture styling products that best suit your hair type .. so that your hair will feel and look amazing . Come experience what your hair could feel and look like without the frizz , static or heat damage!



Natural Textured Hair Starts At $75.00
Shampoo & Flat Iron $65+
Shampoo & Style $60+
Shampoo & Upstyle $75+

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