Have your hair relaxed without all the damage

Our team of trained specialists in performing relaxers takes into careful consideration of not over processing hair. This is why we use off the scalp relaxer applications to ensure clients scalp isn’t burned or irritated  ..causing permanent damage to the hair follicle. Experienced and training has taught us the old traditional ways of relaxing doesn’t foster healthy hair. So we use advanced relaxer techniques, relaxers, and our exclusive line hair care products … allowing us to offer relaxer services without leaving the hair flat, lifeless and limp The secret is in our neutralizer (Normalizer) prevents and stops breakage and removes 100% of remaining relaxer particles that would remain in the hair after shampooing and rinsing out the relaxer.

How this is done during our consultation / We advise clients to consider reducing the amount of strength of the relaxer.. going from regular to mild relaxer and reducing the number of bonds being broken for relaxed hair from 80% to 70%. This will leave options for receiving color or highlighting services to enhance their look! Lastly, we advise aftercare maintenance and for clients to use specific products from our exclusive hair care line to maintain shine, foster growth, and styling options!



Shampoo, Conditioner/Style Included
Additional $20.00 For Semi Color

Virgin Relaxer$130+

Touch Up Relaxer: $95+

Partial Relaxer: $70+

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